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The Events That Led to the Creation of the State of Israel

Biblical History of the Jews

Biblical History of the Jews
The British Mandate of Palestine
The Holocaust and its Effects on the State
The Declaration of Independence
For over 3000 years, the Jews have been protesting to keep their land of Israel.  Jews have created Israel for them and only them.  All of their most precious ruins, docucements, and lives have been created in Israel.  Under foreign rule, Israel was recuperating and waiting for the right time to attack and take their state back.  In that time, a council created the Mishnah and Jerusalem Talmud, two of the most important religious texts.
The land of Israel was known as the birthplace of the Jewish people.  One must look at a Jew's point of view at that time; how would you like it if a foreign country just came into your state and said we own you from this moment on. If I were that Jew, I would not like it at all and would fight till the end to keep my home on the ground. The hope and mind set that every Jew had kept Israel alive and away from complete exile

Another picture of a different part of the western wall which was destroyed in war.