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The Events That Led to the Creation of the State of Israel


Biblical History of the Jews
The British Mandate of Palestine
The Holocaust and its Effects on the State
The Declaration of Independence

Influences of Zionism

Theodore Herzl- ( 1860-1904). Theodore Herzl was the founder of the zionist movement. He also helped create the first World Zionist Congress.  I think that Theodore Herzl picked the Jews up off of their feet and started a revolt which led to the state of Israel.  Although there were documents and mandates, the Jews fought through them and won the battle.

The Balfour Declaration- November 1917, contained the right to abolish the Mandate of the League of Nations, and gave Jews the right back to their home state.  The massacre of millions of Jews in Europe, was the big event that opened the state of Israel.  The Balfour agreement gave a lot of relief to many so now they have a place to live and create their lives.

this picture is near the western wall.