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The Events That Led to the Creation of the State of Israel

The British Mandate of Palestine

Biblical History of the Jews
The British Mandate of Palestine
The Holocaust and its Effects on the State
The Declaration of Independence

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The Expiration of the Mandate- On the eve of Sabbath, on May 15, 1948, the termination of the Mandate was completed. The exterimanation of the mandate allowed Israel to be free land and also allowed all Jewish immigrants into the state. The People's council was turned into the Provisional Council of the State, and Jewish state was to be called Israel.

What Was the British Mandate? Before The British Mandate was passed, Israel was officially a state. But, Israel wasn't officially a state for the Jews. The British Mandate stopped the Jews from living in Israel confortably. many Jews were rejected amnesty and were forced to live illegaly.


This picture shows the land of Israel under the British Mandate