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The Events That Led to the Creation of the State of Israel

The Declaration of Independence

Biblical History of the Jews
The British Mandate of Palestine
The Holocaust and its Effects on the State
The Declaration of Independence

May 15, 1948

What is the Declaration ? The Declaration of Israels Independce of 1948 outlines the government authorities, and what will happen to the state once it is officially created. The state of Israel was open to Jewish immigration and for the gathering of the Exiles. The state did not want any hostility and just wanted to live in peace, therefore they aggreed to almost any reasonable decision.  From then on, the state of Israel is being rebuilt.

Who were the signers?
David Ben- Gurion
Daniel Auster
Mordechai Bentov
Izhak Ben-Zvi
Eliyahu Meir Berligne
Perez (Fritz) Bernstein
Rachel Cohen
Eliyahu Dobkin
Wolf Gold
Meir Grabovsky
Abraham Granott
Yitzhak Gruenbaum
Kalman Kahana
Elizer Kaplan
Sa'adia Kobashi
Moshe Kol
Yitzhak Meir Levin
Meir David Loewenstein
Zvi Lurie
Yehudah Leib Hakohen Maimon
Golda Meir
Avraham Nissan
Nahum Nir- Rafalkes
David Zvi Pinkas
Moshe David Remez
Berl Repetur
Pinhas Rosen
Zvi Segal
Mishe Shapira
Mordechai Shattner
Moshe Sharett
Behor Shalom Shitrit
Ben-Zion Sternberg
Herzl Vardi
Meir Wilner-Kovner
Zerah Warhaftig
Aharon Zisling

The signers